Top places to see in Northern Europe countries

Posted On Feb 21 2019

Scandinavia and particularly Norway is a fabulous travel destination. Oslo, Norway – Surrounded by water, mountains and forests, Oslo is an easy-going city with a fine array of international museums, parks and galleries. Lovers of contemporary architecture will want to check out the city’s fantastic modern buildings – the striking Opera House, the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the state-of-the art ‘floating’ Holmenkollen ski jump – but there’s plenty for history buffs and art fans too. Museums devoted to subjects as diverse as Polar exploration, wartime Resistance, Viking ships, the Kon-Tiki expedition and, of course, Edvard Munch and his famous Scream are all here.

Bergen, Norway – Tucked deep among the fjords on Norway’s southern coast, Bergen looks like the quintessential Nordic fishing village, despite the fact that it’s the country’s second largest city. Colorful wooden houses, many of which have been converted to hip restaurants and shops, line the docks of Bryggen, a 12th-century wharf that was once dominated by the Hanseatic League and has since become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. See what the nets haul in daily at the storied fish market before taking in the panoramic vistas aboard the Fl?ibanen Funicular up Fl?yen Mountain. But the real reason to come here are the fjords themselves. While hikers are welcome, day cruises can take you close enough to see them without breaking a sweat. Source:

?sterlen, Sweden – Home to rolling fields of poppies and cornflowers, rather than the usual dense pine forests, ?sterlen is the gorgeous chunk of land in the far southeast of Sweden. It’s one of the best parts of the country to explore by car, with farm shops and orchards sprouting up at the side of the road, and powder-fine beaches hugging the pristine coast. Head to Stenshuvud Nationalpark on a warm summer’s day, squint just a little, and you might think you’ve landed on some languid Thai island.

It is necessary to include The Royal Palace in the plans of your trip. This is the most famous building of the Norwegian capital, where Norwegian monarchs continue living up to this day. The king of Norway hosts guest delegations here organizes receptions. Also, the leaders of other countries stay in the Royal Palace during their visits to Norway. Near to the palace, there is also a park with more than 2000 trees and beautiful flowers. If you choose not to visit the Royal Palace, then you must definitely visit this park.

Danish Royal Gardens – A peaceful get away from the hustle bustle of Copenhagen. The kingdom of Denmark is home to some of the oldest and most extravagant palace gardens. Denmark features three lush gardens: the King’s Garden in Copenhagen, the Horsholm Garden in Denmark, and Frederiksborg castle gardens. If you visit during summer, it’s recommended to go during the weekday when it’s less crowded. More details about

When you are on holiday in Finland, you must try at least one adventure park. We recommend you to try the Sarkanniemi Amusement Park because attractions in this park are family-friendly. In this amusement park, you can also visit the planetarium, the aquarium and the observation tower, so every visitor in the park will be entertained. Sarkanniemi park is a perfect choice for a short day trip.

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