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Posted On Jan 31 2020

Looking to find the top quality private label herbal supplements manufacturer? When you make the decision to private label your own supplements, it allows you to expose many more people to your brand. This is a great way to subtlety represent your practice in many of your patient’s households. When they have family and friends over, someone might pick up a bottle with a label and ask where it came from — as they have likely never seen that brand. It gives your happy and loyal patient a chance to tell their inquisitive friend a bit about you and your practice, and next thing you know, you have a couple new patients walk through your door.

Hemp seed and extract have impressively seen a massive increase in search engine inquiry frequency, with 61% increase within the last 5 years. As the uses for hemp continues to grow, so does the market, making it a highly lucrative market segment for savvy private label retailers. Gummy supplements are an industry favorite since they’re easy to ingest and taste like candy. Due to the higher melting point, pectin gummies are able to withstand hotter temperatures than gelatin gummies, making them easier to ship and produce without issues.

Our capsule supplements are manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade quality – always. We cater to all types of diets with our vegetarian and gelatin capsules, which are readily available now. Capsule moisture is an issue with some brands, but with us, we ensure that these mishaps are consciously avoided. Detailed certificates of analysis are provided upon request. Take a quick look at our Private Label Turmeric! See additional info on Private Label Products.

This brings us to your target per bottle cost – this is very important when it comes down to the quality of your supplement, and whether or not it will really work. Skimping out on materials and not caring about what goes into your product only does you more harm than good. Again, being customer-centric will not only have you gain customer loyalty, but your nutraceuticals could have a fighting chance against fast metabolism and poor dieting if the materials used are of high-quality. Before deciding on whether or not a gummy supplement is right for your brand, you need to ask yourself, and your manufacturing partner, one very important question: what factors make the best quality gummy vitamin? Understanding the key component to this supplements’ success is vital when formulating or investing in its stock. Without a knowledgeable manufacturer, you could find yourself with hundreds of products that contain faulty and watered-down materials.

Would you like to see a list of the hottest-selling supplements? We are always adding more great products, so be sure to check back often! If you don’t see it here, just get in touch and ask us about availability. Are you looking to create a product that’s truly unique? Private Label Express has you covered – we make the process easy with reasonable minimum order quantities and fast quoting. Click here to find out more… Want one less headache? Qualifying orders benefit from our label design, print, AND application services at no additional charge! Find out more about this game-changing service by clicking here. Read extra details at Private Label Supplements.

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Written by Petrescu Dan