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Posted On Jan 6 2021

Fashion and beauty news by Impressestudio? The standard dress jacket looks and feels great for any occasion, weather you’re going out for dinner, movie, concert or sporting event. This jacket is just a little bit longer than a bomber or biker jacket. Most of these jackets have two outside pockets and an inside pocket. The bomber jacket came about in the early 1900’s for military pilots and was brown in color. They were developed to keep the pilots warm and offered some protection from bad weather at high altitudes in open cockpits. Now day’s men and boys alike enjoy wearing them. They also come in different colors such as black which is very popular.

Made from recycled suede leather and tyres, thus avoiding the contamination produced from burning these materials, this summer offering has been made by hand in Menorca, emphasising the Mediterranean spirit and sense of community that both brands share. Its particular cut, stitching and assembly make each sandal a unique piece of footwear that offers a new opportunity to an existing material. The reuse of garments or materials to give them a new life is one of the initiatives that Mango has implemented as part of its commitment to the environment and to improving the industry’s supply chain. Last April, the brand launched its first capsule collection based on the circular economy, featuring recycled fibres obtained from over 32 tonnes of clothing collected from stores via the Second Chances project.

There are several common fabrics used in the manufacture of socks such as wool, cotton, cotton blends, cashmere, silk and even bamboo, each holding several benefits for wearing. Cotton is probably the most widely used material for socks and provides a light, cool and natural feel, making them a popular choice for most occasions. It is worth looking for cotton socks that are blended with Modal, which is a fiber extract from wooden cellulose. This natural raw material provides a softer and silky look and feel to cotton socks, whilst improving comfort as it is very breathable and absorbent. If you like cotton socks then you will equally be satisfied with socks made from the light, soft and silky feel of bamboo, which is 4 times more absorbent than cotton. However, if you are looking for a much harder wearing, heavier and warmer sock then you would be best advised to consider wool, a wool blend or cashmere. You need to be careful with these as they generally need more care, so pay attention to the washing and care label. Discover even more details at fashion lifestyle news.

But what about the environmental cost of shipping these products overseas? There have been many LCA (life cycle analysis) done regarding the environmental impact of clothing manufacture and the reality is that less then 3% of the energy consumption of a typical piece of clothing can be attributed to transport. So, have our efforts made a difference? Absolutely. A prime example would be Sri Lanka which is very much leading the way in the process of adopting organic, fair trade manufacturing. Over 300,000 persons work in the Sri Lankan apparel industry, 90 per cent of whom are women. Every small gain made in countries like Sri Lanka have a huge impact on these individuals.

You don’t have to buy one pair of shoes for one set occasion, you can buy a pair and mix it up with various outfits for many occasions, all you have to do is experiment with your wardrobe. Depending on your style you can buy a pair of women’s boots to suit all your everyday needs. If you’re an office worker, you do tend to be more dressed up in a dress suit or a fancy pair of smart trousers. Either way, a great pair of boots to purchase is knee length boots with a pointed toe, celebrity fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Pippa Middleton often route for this look. These styled boots can be bought in leather or suede and are ideal teamed up with a jazzy pair of tights and a dress or skirt. They can also be worn underneath a wide legged suited trouser or with skinny’s tucked in. The good thing about these boots for women is they can be worn on a night out on the town or for lunch with the ladies, all you have to do is opt for a more casual look with jeans or a glamorous dress, spruce up your make-up and you’re good to go. Find additional info on

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