Start getting paid for doing general freelance tasks

Posted On Aug 26 2019

Start getting paid for doing general freelance work, this is a very hot topic in 2019. With the internet connecting anything lots of jobs can be done from home. People are becoming very interested in working from home, to save transport time and earning extra income from home.

Time etc. is a popular name in the work from home community. Since 2007, the company has hired virtual assistants to complete various tasks for clients. In this role, you may perform basic administrative work, manage schedules, fill out forms, manage social media, make phone calls, and more. Time etc. allows you to set your own hours, so this job is fairly flexible. It appears to be a part-time opportunity, and the company says you may work for other organizations at the same time. The clients and tasked that you’re assigned are based on your skill set. Time etc. qualifications are fairly easy to meet. You don’t need a specific degree as long as you have some experience.

Red Butler is another company that provides virtual assistant services to clients. Its virtual assistants support clients with a wide range of tasks, like calendar management, answering phone calls, making personalized restaurant recommendations, and creating spreadsheets. Red Butler doesn’t state what it pays its employees. If you want to become a virtual assistant at Red Butler, then fill out a form on this page. You just need to enter some basic information, but, you’ll also need to complete two test tasks, like making a restaurant recommendation based on the needs of an example client and creating a spreadsheet for a company. Read extra info on Work from home projects.

Red Butler specializes almost entirely in online virtual assistant jobs, with the only other focus being Dedicated Assistants (in-house). As such, the company uses its 15+ years of experience to help train novices if requested. There is a membership fee, ranging from $29 per month plus 20% commission to $299 per month plus 10% commission. In exchange, Red Butler will provide you with their patented Dashboard Technology, help you create pre-paid monthly subscriptions of $5, $10, $20, or $40 per hour, and create a Match Profile on your behalf. Match Profiles help clients to find and contact you.

Be a reliable worker for each company and client. You may also notice that reliability is a huge qualification for virtual assistants. It’s important for each individual client to depend on you. Even if a project seems small or pays less than others, give it your full effort. Doing this gives you a great track record as a virtual assistant. It may also open the door to better-paying opportunities in this field. Boost your communication skills. A huge part of being a virtual assistant is communicating effectively. You’ll be talking on the phone, sending e-mails, attending video conferences, and more. Work on your verbal communication so that you sound confident. You can also use free tools like Grammarly to polish your e-mails and chat logs.

Our approach is highly professional yet personalized. We believe in matching the skillset with the right digital tools that deliver rewarding results. We pride ourselves in being enablers, providing freelancers the financial Freedom, and better earning. Earn more with a career that provides the flexibility to work at your own pace, with the digital tools that have been selected by industry experts to help you work smart and earn more. Source:

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Written by Ilie Dumitrescu